Soft Teal Plant Cozy

Soft Teal Plant Cozy


The WE GATHER plant obsession grows with the hand-dyed, handwoven Plant Cozy. If you’re looking to add some squish to your plant container collection, then you’ve come to the right place. The Plant Cozy is a textile hug for your favorite home-dwelling plant, accommodating pots up to 5.5” tall and 6.25” in diameter.


To keep your plant especially fresh, every Plant Cozy is equipped with a 100% wool felt liner, created to absorb any extra moisture from watering your plant.

And if you truly have a black thumb, the Plant Cozy doubles as a catch-all bucket for your favorite collection around the house. 


Plant Cozies are handwoven on one of our floor looms and coiled and finished by hand in our Brooklyn studio, where our cloud-like cotton yarns are dyed as well.


-Soft Teal and Cream

-7.5” W x 6.5” H x 7.5” D

-100% cotton with 100% wool liner, leather and brass tab

-Because of the risk of harming plants during shipment, the Plant Cozy does not include a plant. Check with your local greenhouse, florist, or your favorite plant aficionado for the perfect selection.

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