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Handwoven Textiles.

to celebrate. to use. to love. to share.


There will be moments, days, and years that make your heart swell with joy. Make them real and tactile. Hold them close. Snuggle up with them. Pass them down. 


WE GATHER Celebration Textiles are handmade specifically for your wedding, new baby, first home, fresh start, and any other life moment worth cherishing.


Made with love and care, these rugs, blankets, gifts, and ceremonial objects are with you during your celebration and throughout your lives, serving as a reminder of your joy, your love, your connection.

WE GATHER grows from a desire to celebrate the times we spend with each other and to honor those memories with beautiful, comfortable, and meaningful objects you can live with.


Hand dyed, hand woven, and hand finished with love and care in Brooklyn.


creating textile traditions with our seasonal collections and the custom products of your dreams


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