Delphinium Blue Dye Kit

Delphinium Blue Dye Kit


Our newest cool color obsession has landed in WE GATHER Dye Kits!

We're putting some of our very favorite hues right in your hands and sharing the magic of color with WE GATHER Dye Kits!


If you are drawn to a gratifying hands-on creative endeavor, then you've found the answer. Our dye kits each contain our in-house blend of non-toxic, low-impact dye in one of our most popular colors along with all of the ingredients necessary to make that color come alive. All you have to do is choose your goods* and let your color wheel spin.


The contents of this dye kit will yield a medium shade of Delphinium Blue, the latest color obsession in the WE GATHER studio. It's a soft, clear, blue that leans a little to the periwinkle side. With one kit you can dye up to 3-6 square yards of fabric, or 3 T-shirts, or 1 pound of yarn or other goods.
*cotton, linen, hemp, rayon, bamboo, ramie, or silk

What’s inside:

  • Dye powder
  • Salt
  • Soda ash
  • Synthrapol textile detergent
  • One pair of vinyl gloves
  • Wooden stirring sticks
  • Full step-by-step instructions


What you’ll need:

  • Your chosen goods (cotton, linen, hemp, rayon, bamboo, ramie, or silk)
  • A 3-5 gallon bucket or bin
  • A smaller bucket or large bowl
  • Long-handled stirring stick or spoon
  • 2 clean, empty cups or jars for mixing
  • Water
  • Enthusiasm!
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