I have been a textile lover ever since my mom taught me how to sew a reversible Barbie skirt in our basement in rural Michigan. Since then, I have been deeply influenced and led into this fascinatingly intertwined textile community by a number of strong, talented women and men.

After obtaining a MFA in Fibers and enjoying the clean air of Colorado, I landed in Brooklyn, and it instantly felt like home. My textile obsession has materialized here in a number of different ways, including crafting at Martha Stewart, teaching at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Parsons School of Design, and Textile Arts Center, and designing textiles for a major teen apparel retailer.

My heart and passion, however, were not in the world of mass production and fleeting trends. So, with over ten years of weaving, dyeing, and teaching experience under my belt, I turned my efforts fully to sharing the magic of textiles through WE GATHER. Whether through creative workshops and events, carefully assembled at-home weaving and dyeing kits, or thoughtfully and ethically-made products produced right in the Brooklyn studio, I hope to help others experience the joy and meaning that comes along with a simple piece of cloth.


Fast facts:

-optimism is my strong suit

-cheese is my weak suit

-I fully commit to a theme party

-I am a registered wedding officiant (find out about WE WED here) in NYC (looking at you, lovebirds)

-I never stifle a laugh




What do textiles mean to you?

You probably wear them almost every day. Perhaps, as a little one, you had a favorite blanket that was both your sidekick and safety. Maybe you treasure an old sweater because, no matter how many times you wash it, it still smells like a beloved person or place. 

Textiles are one of the first things to embrace you when you enter this world, one of the last to comfort you as you leave it. They mark the thresholds of our lives, accompany us in our everyday experiences, and forge connections between us.

WE GATHER is here to spread the textile love. We aim to celebrate textiles and all of the wonder, history, and meaning that they hold. And we put all of those good textile vibes in your hands in a few different ways:

  • Our textile-based workshops in weaving, dyeing, stitching, and rug-making bring people together in a fun and creative environment. We emphasize light-hearted learning while giving you the tools and skills you need to continue your textile adventures. Whether you’re a total beginner or a lifelong textile enthusiast, we’ve got a space for you.

  • Our DIY kits bring the textile fun into your home, wherever that may be. We focus on beginner to intermediate skill-building with clear and careful instructions, and our kits are chock full of our favorite studio materials.

  • Our commission textiles are hand dyed, hand woven, and hand finished with love and masterful care in our Brooklyn studio (learn about our process here). We value a thoughtful design process that blends our clients’ ideas with our signature style. Commission textiles include handwoven home accents and handdyed fabrics and yarns, as well as special projects (take a peek at some recent projects here). Our goal in production is to minimize waste while creating functional, heirloom-quality textiles meant to be used and loved for a lifetime.