Trackside Grey Small Icon Tassel

Trackside Grey Small Icon Tassel

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Our limited-edition Icon Tassels bring together all of our favorite natural textures. Each tassel is hand cut from our stores of cotton, wool, silk, and metallic yarns and then dip-dyed to ombre perfection in our winter palette. Our hand dyed silk ribbon wraps around the top and is bound by rich chestnut leather and brass grommets.


Hang your Icon Tassel in that lonely little spot on the wall for a daily moment of serenity, spruce up your favorite tote by tying it on the handle, adorn your holiday tree with its sparkling magic, or make it the most luxe gift topper. 


-cotton, silk, wool, rayon, leather, and brass

-7" long

Topper Color:
Leather display hanger:
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