Festive Teal Mini Plocket

Festive Teal Mini Plocket


The WE GATHER Mini Plocket is the most irresistibly tiny version of our original Plocket. It's the perfect home for a dainty little air plant - included with every Mini Plocket. 

All Mini Plockets are hand dyed and hand woven of 100% cotton yarns using some secret weaving engineering that we’ve dreamed up. Because of our hand dyeing process, each length of yarn is slightly different from the next, giving each WE GATHER product its own special character. 

Your Mini Plocket comes complete with a leather hanging loop so you can easily hang it anywhere your heart desires. It's a dreamy addition to any bedroom, office, tiny nook, or any spot that needs a sprinkle of fresh optimism. 

-Festive Teal, Cloud

-2.75" W x 3.75" H

-100% cotton with leather hanger

-Air plant included

-This item is ready to ship

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