Dockside Plocket

Dockside Plocket


New little life? New little home? Celebrate with a new little Plocket!

WE GATHER’s signature Plocket™ is a special home for a living, breathing, joy-imparting air plant. The Plocket hangs on your wall, a quiet witness to all of the exciting changes in the life of your new family or new home. Our air plants, brought to you by a Brooklyn-born partnership with Stems Brooklyn, naturally brighten up your space with oxygen and a generally optimistic spirit.

All Plockets are hand dyed and hand woven of 100% cotton yarns using some secret weaving engineering that we’ve dreamed up. Because of our hand dyeing process, each length of yarn is slightly different from the next, giving each WE GATHER product its own special character. To keep your plant especially cozy, every Plocket is equipped with a 100% wool felt liner, created to absorb any extra moisture without transferring it to the Plocket.

Your Plocket comes with a wooden dowel threaded through the back for easy hanging from one or two points.

-Dockside, Cloud, Arbor, Cream

-5" W x 11" H

-100% cotton with 100% wool liner

-Air plant included

-This item is ready to ship

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