Special Edition Kaleidoscope Dyeing - Sunday, October 22 // 11am-1pm

Special Edition Kaleidoscope Dyeing - Sunday, October 22 // 11am-1pm


Workshop fee includes:

-1 x 100% cotton and 1 x 100% silk fabric blanks (great as a scarves, bandanas, gift wrap, small table coverings, ninja costumes, beautiful pieces of art)

-all necessary dyes and additives

-use of all dyeing tools and equipment

-day-of-workshop discount on WE GATHER Dye Kits


Join us for this special edition of Kaleidoscope Dyeing in Croton on Hudson! This is the perfect way to kick off your Sunday and flex those creative muscles (we promise you won’t have to work too hard, though).


Your head and your eyes will spin at the stunning results and the ease of this low-commitment, low-impact dyeing method. Learn the basics of working with fiber reactive dyes and create a kaleidoscope of color on both cotton and silk. We’ll share a few of our favorite tricks for achieving eye-popping results with minimum time commitment.


All materials are included, but feel free to bring 1-2 additional small fabric items to dye (these should be limited to cotton, linen, hemp, rayon, and silk).

We suggest wearing/bringing an apron or clothing that you don’t mind splashing with dye.


  • Advance registration is required for this class and will be facilitated by Sarah Takenaga. 


  • WE GATHER workshops start and end in the stated time slot. Please make plans to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before the start of class and no later than the published start time.


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