Terra Union Rug

Terra Union Rug

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Two people gather here on this rug. One union is created. A lifetime of memories are made and held dear.

The Union Rug is your physical foundation as you make your union official. Stand upon it as you make your vow and promise, and then bring it into your home as a symbol of those moments and the love that you nurture.

The Union Rug is a functional heirloom-quality textile. Place it at the foot of your bed, in your favorite reading spot, at the entrance to your new shared home, or hang it on the wall so it catches your eye every morning.

Every Union Rug is hand dyed and hand woven, made of 100% cotton yarns. Because of our hand dyeing process, each length of yarn is slightly different from the next, giving each WE GATHER product its own special character. Each step of the weaving process imbues the rug with richness, rhythm, strength, and durability - wishes for you as you embark upon this joyful journey.


-Terra, Snapdragon, and Cream

-100% cotton

-Woven dimensions: 28" W x 40" L

-3" fringe on both ends

-This product is ready to ship.

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